Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Batman: Reborn GOTHAM SIRENS #1: UNION

So. I originally inteded to use this blog for posting reviews of comics as I read them. Better late then never.

And just incase you care, Spoiler Alert!

As most of you comic folk know, DC has recently killed the one, the only BRUCE WAYNE. Is the BATMAN dead though? We'll have to wait and see. I'd like to say here that I think this was a good choice and was very very necessary. I'm very interested to see who will take up the cowl and how they will earn it. But that matter is for another post, right now I want to talk about the new series GOTHAM SIRENS that has been birthed from the death of Bruce and the turmoil it has left in it's wake (ahaha pun).

As the name implies the series will be focusing on the tempterous bad-girls of the Gotham crowd. When I first heard about the launching on this series, I nearly cried,for good reason. The series will be following SELINA KYLE, PAM ISLEY and my personal favorite HARLEEN QUINZEL. On top of the spectacular cast, one of my favorite writers (and creator of Harl!) PAUL DINI will be scripting the series :D

In the first issue the girls band together after KITTY realizes that she is still "as weak as a kitten" (from having her heart torn out by HUSH) after nearly being killed up by some wannabe goon. PAM ISLEY saves her fur and bring Selina to the pad that she is currently sharing with a hypnotized EDWARD NIGMA. HARLEY arrives as SELINA is proposing an aliance. Though they agree with the proposition, the girls are also worried about SELINA's physical and mental state, expecially considered how out of the ordinary it is for SELINA to work with a group, a luxuary she rarely even shared with the BATMAN.

Deciding that they better do a background check on their feline friend. Shunning a typical phone call, PAM "calls" everyone's favorite girl-in-a-top-hat ZANTANNA using a vase of roses as the receiver. A vase of roses which grows into thorned vines that trip a hardly clothed ZANTANA into her own hot tub, after an evening of showing off her magic to the wealth of Gotham. While keeping her tightly bound and showing her head underwater anytime she tried to mutter a spell, PAM interogates her to see if she had added anything harmful to the potion she had given SELINA to help her recover her injuries. ZEE denies having done this. She reminds PAM that as doctors, her and HARL should know that there are some wounds that can go deeper then the flesh. Satisfied with her response, PAM withdraws herself from ZANTANA's home, but not without one last plung into the water.

PAM and HARLEY are about to tell KITTY that they will agree to the UNION, when the goon from earlier, THE BONECRUSHER, decides to drop in. After a swift beating from the girls, after daring the hit the Joker's dame and a quick visit from Harley's signature mallet, the girls leave. There is a neat little moment that made me giggle here. During the scuffle, EDDIE become untangled from PAMELA's plants, regains his awarenees and sees the state that his home is in after the fight. THE BONECRUSHER, powerless and scared, nervously tries to start a friendly conversation about how he has idolized him, HARVEY and MISTER J (the old school villains!). EDDIE calmly replies "Well, you know what they say, meeting your heroes is always a dissapointment" as he reaches for his question mark cane. THE BONECRUSHER then whimpers "You're going to kick my ass aren't you?". EDDIE simply retorts with "Oh my goodness, yes." and the page ends with a nice frame of his angry face as he strikes his victim. How classic :)

The story countinues with the girls taking shelter at KITTY's new loft, which is an old abandoned animal shelter. Though PAM thinks this is a bit too obvious, I myself like it a lot. For one it goes back to the campy style of the early BATMAN stories where the PENGUIN would hide-out in an aquarium or JERVIS in an old girl's school. It's always nice to revisit those kind of thing, kind of like a homage. I also think it is very significant to where KITTY is at the moment. Shelters are a place for animals to go whn they have been abandoned, but in SELINA's life even her shelter has been rundown and left behind. The shelter is sold to them by a new character who I think could have a very successful future in the DC world. THE BROKER specializes in finding and selling appropriate hideouts to villians. I can just imagine him hunting down decrepit circuses and arbotories.

Once he leaves the girls with their new loft, the discussion turns back to the UNION, which HARLEY and IVY were going to list a single condition too, before they were interupted by THE BONECRUSHER. To her surprise SELINA receives a handful of pollen-like dust to the face from PAMELA, which knocks her off her feet. As she fades into a coma like state, the last panel shows HARLEY and PAMELA stating their one condition of living together: They want to know "WHO IS BATMAN?".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you smile at me you know I will understand, because that's something everybody, everywhere does in the same language.

I still stand by the opinion that no matter how hard she tries, Feist will never be as cool as Grace Slick.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening!

Most badass peice of news that I heard in a while.
Mozart Rockpra.
If anyone feels like donating to the send Maria to Paris fund, feel free.
I can only imagine the costumes that an 11milliondollar budget would allow for. They will no doubt record the show and make a dvd of it, and since realistically I probably won't be going Paris to see it, I am excited to get the dvd.
I hope they include the fact that he was chucked in a paupers grave after his death and I hope they include when he burnt his own set. Weeeeee Mozart!
Yeah I'm a dork. Shut up.

P.S. Ten dollars says that Andy Lloyd will be at the opening night.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'd have loved you if you were a movie star. And you'd have loved me if I only had a heart.

With the fantastically large amount of good movies coming out of the next couple years, I thought I would write a little somthin-somthin about the ones that I am most excited about.

For all you people who are bitching about how this Holmes movie isn't really "Holmes" please fuck off and read the books. It won't kill you to actually do soemthing that will take some time and mental effort. It will be worth it I promise.
Once you do that you will be able to appreciate the awesome that this movie is going to be and how fantastic the cast is.
I think I'm going to start re-reading my complete works. Just because :)
And eventhough the guy is this Sherlock Holmes interview doesn't say that there is any M-man, I really hope and think that there will be an appearance, even if it is on a small scale.

Ok, just saw this last night so it isn't something that I am looking forward to see in the future. What I am looking forward too though is seeing it again. I don't give a shit if the Globe and Mail only gave it half-stars, I think it is the best action/adventure movie since TDK. Possibly of all time, asides from TDK.
Visuals = A +++
You could actually tell who was who, unlike some other movies this year. Effects and costumes were both very diverse and every little bit had exceptional detail.
Story = A +
Not only was the movie's story fantastic, the back stories had just the right amount of detail to be fancinating and leave you wanting more, while at the same time not overpowering the present time story. You can definitely tell they are setting up a huge plot for the next movie too, and before the credits even start you NEED to know what happens next.
Script = A
Funny and true to the comics. It balanced the fine line between cheesy funny (ie. Ripcord hitting on Scarlet) and dead serious evil guy stuff (finding out that Rex is the Doctor/COBRA). It, unlike most actions films, has enough dialogue to satisfy the educated ear, but doesn't take away from the fact that it is indeed an action film.
Acting = A
Though some of the goodies were lacking in sincerity and stuck to the acting-towards-a-childrens-audience take, the acting of the villans more than made up for it. Eccleston Eccleston Eccleston. :D
Here is a sweet G.I. Joe review that has a lot more detial:G.I. JOE.

Here are some awesome looking movies that are coming out soon. I really hope the Poe one is good, true to his works and not aimed at teenage girls. If that happens, heads will roll. Seriously.
Russia vs. Georgia
The Raven
Little Red Riding Hood

P.S. John Hughes, I miss you already. Remember me when you join Micheal ranks of undead zombie celebrities.

P.S.S. If anyone actually reads this, especially if you actually know me, your probably wondering why Alice isn't mentioned here. It's worth and entire entry of it's own, so don't worry it's on it's way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fire storm from the Fifth-Dimension.

Well I do have to agree with every report on the past weekend = Success.

Despite the drama, the yelling, the jealousy, the break-ups, the stress and the druken idiots, the good moments cancel out the bad. Or should I say they made the bad parts worth it. Or maybe the bad parts made the good parts all worthwild?

Whatever way you please, I thought I will highlight some of the funnest moments, in my opinion. Yes, I know it's only been two days, but I can still open a can of Nostalgia if I want. Besides two months from now I can re-read this and smile.
Kinda like a diary, but without hearts scrawled in the corners.

Aw what the hell.

<3 Best performance: Julie Dorion by far. It was her best performance I have ever seen, live or recorded.
<3 Best set list: I'm stuck between The Burning Hell and Eric's Trip. Leaning towards The Burning Hell though.
<3 Best quote: "It's like the premature ejaculation of cigarette smoking."
<3 Best stunt: BA crowd surfing in a tube withe the Mario Bros theme playing.
<3 Best hilarious moment: Baby. Glass tube. Need I say more?
<3 Best WFT moment: Waking up on Monday with a party hat still on my head.
<3 Best BAWWW moment: Making Fred giggle by screaming "Fred have my babies!" during Julie Doiron's set.
<3 Best group moment: Drunkenly running down Lorne St singing Mind Crumb at the top of our lungs.
<3 Best sincere moment: Talking to BA on the George's porch and him introducing himself to us as Christian.
<3 Best disguisting moment: Lisa eating burnt popcorn off of the 25BS floor. After I had picked it up with my toes. And put it on her toes. So that she could feed herself. With her toes.
<3 Best "Sense this make zero" moment: Watching Mission Impossible with the guys from Attack in Black. On the History channel. Seriously.
<3 Best sexy moment (kinda?): Having a chat with Spencer through the 25BS back hall window. While the was wearing nothing but his breifs.
<3 Best "Oh yeah, we went there" moment: Attack in Black + Super Power Rings + Saving the Day = MECHA JIMMY.
<3 Best embarassing moment: Having Jimmy come into the apartment while we were listening to his album.
<3 Best food related moment: Eating half a watermelon with spoons. Actually the tasty everything breakfast nachos were pretty awesome too. And the breakfast at Vanessa's. I love food.
<3 Best best moment: Being able to hear Calm Down It's Monday's set while napping in my apartment.
<3 Best Neil Bonner moment: Neil drinking most of the pitcher at George's and CHRIS out of all people saying "Oh fuck, Neil is drunk".
<3 Best "Maria is a jerk" moment: Ninja throwing whatever it was I threw at Neil for making fun of me playing WoW.
<3 Best cute moment: Meeting Stephane's girlfriend Ingrid. She was just too cute.
<3 Best purchase of the weekend: Freuermusik's cd. Since they have no lyrics in their music, the cd booklet was the score to the lead melodies. Brilliant.

That's all I got for now. Feel free to post your own additions :)
Oh yeah, this post is totally all about Sappyfest.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey diddle diddle now isn't this a riddle? It's the proof of love.

Good on this woman. Not only is she sticking it the "the man" she's sticking it to Jesus. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

I will burn my every book.

Well, I had sent that last post while I was at work, and apparently work computers don't like blog postings. And I am far too lazy to type everything all out again.
So here it is in summary:
- Terminator = Pretty cool (Bale needs speech therapy)
- Anton Yelchin = FUCKING AWESOME
- Bought my Hal-Con ticket/VIP ticket (Which means I get ot meet Walter Keonig!!!)

On that note, I recently learned that Keonig's son, who played Mister J in the movies, also does improv at Second City LA and
he also helped produce a film about Gonzo. He also was in an episode of TNG. He's also unmarried. And it's also a little more legal to marry then his father. But unfortunately, he isn't all that good looking >.<
I'm sure he can afford plastic surgery if I ask really nicely....

So, for those of you who haven't heard and care, I had an interesting Tuesday night this past week. After waiting three hours in line, with my Hal-Con shirt on, Decepticon band aids on my cheek and Megatron clutched tightly in my pale hands, I got to see Transformers 2. Or should I say, I got to see about the first two hours of it. And then the film reel started playing backwards and upside down. They couldn't get it fixed fast and I had to work the next morning so I had to leave.
Not a good scene.
After three days I couldn't wait any longer and decided to go see it with my mom.
And it was way better then the first.
No takies about it though. No spoilers from me.